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Designed for professional therapy settings and proficient fitness training Uniband™ Progressive Resistance Exercise tubes are the most advanced system of progressive resistance exercise products available. Made with a proprietary elastomeric compound Uniband™ tubes are 100% latex-free and yet they perform with the same desirable stretch properties as latex that is preferred by most therapists and trainers. The specially formulated co-polymer material that is used to make Uniband™ tubing has been engineered to deliver dynamic performance characteristics that cannot be achieved with natural rubber (latex) and other compounds. These clinical advantages include superior consistency of tension and very evenly spaced resistance levels between each level for more clinically sound Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE’s). Odour and powder free, Uniband™ tubes are preferred by trainers, therapists and their pupils and patients over traditional latex or non-latex tubing.

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UTUB-1 Peach, Thin - Level 1 $28.50 ADD
UTUB-2 Orange, Medium - Level 2 $31.00 ADD
UTUB-3 Green, Heavy - Level 3 $33.75 ADD
UTUB-4 Blue, X-Heavy - Level 4 $33.75 ADD
UTUB-5 Plum, Special Heavy - Level 5 $41.50 ADD
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