True Stretch Cage
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True Stretch Cage

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True Stretch Cage

The True Stretch Cage is the most versatile piece of stretching equipment on the market. Its complex design allows for a variety of effective stretch positions. No more stretching in uncomfortable positions on the floor! The apparatus provides an independent stretching area for maximum stretching capability.

True Stretch makes stretching enjoyable.


  • Total-body stretching apparatus
  • Self-contained stretching platform for safety and stability
  • Steel frame with powder-coated finish
  • Visual stretching guide that attaches to the frame
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer

Stretching before any type of physical activity is an extremely important practice for your body. In preparation for proper training or physical therapy, professionals suggest passive stretching of muscle tissue and tendons to ready the body for active physical exertion. Stretching commonly prevents injury and enhances athletic performance. Stretching equipment, like the True Stretch Cage amplifies your stretching efforts and is designed to be naturally comfortable while doing so.

A Complete Flexibility Trainer

Designed by world-renowned physical therapist Gary Gray, the True Stretch Cage is used by numerous professional sports teams and world-class rehabilitation clinics. In addition to enhancing athletic performance, flexibility is proven to be beneficial to your body’s overall health. Improved flexibility increases the blood supply and nutrients to joints as well.

Improves Workouts and Minimizes Injury Risk

Stretching is paramount in preparation for physical activity. Utilizing the right stretching equipment will increase the effectiveness of your stretches. Uncomfortable stretches can sometimes do more harm then good. The True Stretch Cage is a breakthrough piece of stretching equipment that helps maximize the results of your physical endeavors.

Durable Construction

True Stretch is manufactured to endure daily usage and add substantial value to your workout routine. The cage boasts a steel frame with a powder-coated finish. It is also designed with space efficiency in mind, only taking enough room to allow for proper stretching range.

Illustrated Stretching Regimen

The True Stretch Cage includes a beautifully illustrated stretching poster that attaches to the cage frame. This easy-to-follow diagram is segmented by muscle group and features 30 different stretching patterns. The stretches are designed to feel natural, yet effectively stretch out the target muscle areas.

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