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Stretching equipment and back stretching equipment is essential for rehabilitation sites as well as physical therapy clinics.

Our True Stretch Cage is one of the most versatile pieces of stretching equipment in the industry. This unit has a complex design that allows for a variety of effective stretching positions. This unit provides an independent stretching area for maximum stretching capability. This is a self-contained stretching platform for safety and stability.

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  • True Stretch Cage

    True Stretch Cage

    True Stretch Cage The True Stretch Cage is the most versatile piece of stretching equipment on the market. Its complex design allows for a variety of effective stretch positions. No more stretching in ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $2,175.00
  • OPTP Strech Out Strap

    OPTP Strech Out Strap

    OPTP Strech Out Strap Stretching is an essential part of the healing process because stronger muscles equal a healthier you. The OPTP Strech Out Strap ensures there are no excuses! Patented to deliver ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $14.95
  • Pro Stretch Calf Stretcher, Single

    Pro Stretch Calf Stretcher

    The #1 choice of professional athletes, physical therapists and fitness experts. The ProStretch is the choice for increasing range of motion and flexibility in your lower leg. The patented ProStretch ... MORE INFO
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  • Core Stretch

    Core Stretch

    * Designed to stretch the back, shoulders, and legs better than traditional and conventional methods. * An effective stretching device for your back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and shins... MORE INFO
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    Price: $69.99
  • Lumbar Extender

    Lumbar Extender

    In just 10 minutes a day the Lumbar Extender can help you relieve tension and stiffness in your back. The easy, safe and comfortable way to stretch your back! Just lie down on the extender for 5 minutes, ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $69.95
  • The Rope Assisted Stretching Device

    The Rope Assisted Stretching Device

    The Rope is a assisted stretching device that provides gentle traction for the shoulders and thoracolumbar spine. It allows to incrementally increase pressure to almost full body weight, enhancing normal ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $11.95
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The OPTP Stretch Out strap delivers the benefits of PNF stretching without the need for a partner. This item will help combine isotonics, prolonged stretches and isometrics in any workout routine. The unit comes with a multiple position grip to allow gradual, deep stretching of all major muscle groups. Our Pro Stretch Calf Stretcher is the number one choice of physical therapists, fitness experts and professional athletes. This stretcher is great for increasing the range of motion as well as flexibility in lower legs. The Core Stretch is designed to help stretch the legs, shoulders and back through traditional and conventional methods. This is an effective stretching device that can also be used with the hips, hamstrings, shins and shoulders. Our Lumbar Extender allows users to relieve stiffness and tension in the back with just 10 minutes a day. This is an easy, comfortable and safe way to stretch the back by laying down. See the rest of our product line for the right stretching equipment and back stretching equipment for your needs.

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