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Standing tables and adjustable tables are the best for helping a patient get to their feet.

Our Bailey Adjustable Standing Tables are built tough in order to support all the weight of a child's body. This adjustable standing table provides three body thicknesses as well as two body width adjustments for the hips. The Bailey Standing Box is built for children who rely on wheelchair access for mobility. This is a standing box that offers alternative positioning through adjustable foot platforms that are made with rubber. The top of the box measures 24” x 30” in height from the floor.

Our Hi-Lo Stand-in Standing Tables with Electric Patient Lift are perfect for any patient. This spinning table comes with a motorized height adjustment from 42 inches to 52 inches as well as the ability to power lift the patient through a 500 pound weight capacity. This table comes with a hand control for easy adjustments to the height and features an extra wide raised rim top that measures 42 0.5” x 25.5”. The Hydraulic Stand-In Adjustable Table is perfect for every patient. This hydraulic adjustable stand and table can help patients go from the sitting position in their wheelchairs to a standing position with little hassle. The unit comes with a front mounted and activated hydraulic lift to make for easy adjustments. For more pricing information or technical specifications on our standing tables, see the descriptions below.

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  • Bailey Adjustable Standing Table, Child

    Bailey Adjustable Standing Table

    Bailey's adjustable standing table for children is built tough to support all of the weight bearing parts of the child's body while providing an adjustable surface where the children are able to play, ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $695.00
  • Bailey Standing Box, Child

    Bailey Standing Box

    This Bailey standing box is assistive technology used to treat child patients that rely on a wheelchair for mobility. A standing box offers alternative positioning to just sitting in a wheelchair all ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $399.95
  • Hi-Lo Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

    Hi-Lo Stand-In Table with Electric Patient Lift

    For more than fifty years, Hausmann Industries has been providing high quality physical therapy equipment and other healthcare products on which therapists and technicians have been able to rely. Back ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $4,995.00
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Stand-In Table

    Hydraulic Adjustable Stand-In Table

    Helping your patients to stand is crucial to their health and well-being. Standing is something that many people take for granted. However, for patients who are stricken to wheelchairs or bedridden, standing ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $2,595.00
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