Shoulder Supports

Shoulder supports and shoulder support braces are a staple for stabilizing the shoulder after an injury.

Our Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Supports are critical for shoulder pain that is caused by osteoarthritis, surgery or injury to the shoulder joint. This shoulder support stabilizes the shoulder joint in a centered position in order to improve the guidance on the joint. This shoulder support brace comes with different sizing options.

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  • Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support, Size 0

    Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Supports

    Use the Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support, Size 0 to ease the pain of a shoulder injury or pain caused by osteoarthritis. This well-designed support is also ideal for postoperative rehabilitation ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $139.95
  • Figure 8 Clavicle Splint, Large

    Figure 8 Clavicle Splint, Large

    Clearance Item. Only 1 available. Prong buckle closure ensures correct fit without slippage... MORE INFO
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    Price: $24.99
  • Procare Clavicle Splint, Pediatric XXS

    Procare Clavicle Splint

    Adjustable prong buckles ensure correct fit and prevents slippage. Stockinette covered felt shoulder straps. Washable. Ideal for clavicular fractures and postural problems. Measurement taken at chest ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $14.99
  • Sully Shoulder Stabilizer

    Sully Shoulder Stabilizer

    The Sully Shoulder Support can be worn while participating in sports. Comes complete with a highly adaptable, bifurcated neoprene strap, and two additional 4" neoprene straps. One can functionally stabilize, ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $164.95
  • Universal Arm Sling

    Universal Arm Sling

    The Universal Arm Sling by Core Products provides comfortable support while recovering from injury. This sling is easily adjustable and fits either arm. Easily adjustable. Fits either arm. ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $9.95
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The Sully Shoulder Stabilizer can be worn during sports and comes with a complete highly adaptable neoprene strap. This shoulder stabilizer is functional as well as durable to keep your shoulder in place without causing irritability. This stabilizer comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Our Universal Arm Sling is a low-cost, highly effective way to stabilize any injured shoulder. This arm sling can provide comfort and support after recovering from surgery. The sling is designed to fit either arm and is adjustable for any patient. The sling comes with a pouch that will fit your elbow snugly while bringing the strap across your back for stabilization. Both strap and pouch are made from preshrunk cotton fabric. For more information on sizing options for shoulder supports and shoulder support braces as well as pricing, click on the individual products below.

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