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Patient gowns and exam gowns are essential for keeping your patient's privacy and providing the best care.

Our extensive inventory of patient gowns and exam gowns can suit any clinic or practice. The Amplewear Exam Gown comes in a case of 25 gowns and fits any patient at 40” x 50” to provide full coverage. These exam gowns also offer armholes and neckline snaps for easy and conventional IV applications as well as access to treatment areas.

Our cloth patient gowns come with a back tie and 12 gowns per case. These patient gowns come in medical white and also offer a tie at the top of the patient's back. The disposable exam shorts come in dark blue with non-woven materials and provide modest coverage for all men. These shorts feature a latex free waistband and come in small and medium from 18 inches to 44 inches in waist sizes. Our exam downs for women are extra absorbent and are made with polyethylene between two layers of absorbing tissue. This gown retains strength during extended examinations and is designed to provide complete opacity to assure the patient. Our examination capes offer comfort, durability and strength to accommodate all office procedures that involve extended exams, patient perspiration as well as fluids. For a full list of our entire inventory of patient gowns and exam gowns, see our product line below.

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  • Amplewear Exam Gown

    Amplewear Exam Gown

    Graham Medical, a division of Little Rapids Corporation, strives to provide high-quality, single-use medical products that help to make every health professional's job easier and more effective at the ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $69.95
  • Cloth Patient Gowns

    Cloth Patient Gowns

    These patient gowns manufactured by Calderon are the simple, standard hospital gowns known by all-with a twist.  Rather than the usual paper gowns, these are made of real cloth:  50% cotton/50% polyester.  ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $49.95
  • Disposable Exam Shorts

    Disposable Exam Shorts

    Graham Medical is a leading provider of high quality healthcare products designed for single-use.   Their product line aims to be convenient, comfortable, and affordable. Like all physical therapy supplies ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $41.90
  • Surgical Drapes

    Surgical Drapes

    Avalon's disposable paper surgical drapes are designed for procedures in which patient (or equipment) draping is necessary.  The drapes are made of high quality 3-ply tissue, and are available in two ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $17.95
  • Exam Gowns, White 3 Ply

    Exam Gowns

    Graham Medical patient gowns are designed to provide the highest patient comfort and dignity while still remaining an economical choice.  By using multiple layers of tissue to manufacture the gowns, they ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $21.95
  • Examination Capes

    Examination Capes

    Unlike single-ply patient gowns, Graham's examination capes are made of 3-ply tissue, meaning that they have far greater absorbency than other brands.  These capes feature a standard hospital issue ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $28.50
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