Recumbent Cross Trainer, NuStep T4R


NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer

Item#: NS-45000

Manuf. Item #: T4R
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The ALL NEW NuStep TRS 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer empowers users of virtually all ability levels to engage in exercise.

Manufactured by: Nustep
Model: T4R
Product ID: NS-45000
3,795.00 New

The NuStep TRS 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer combines lower and upper body movement for a full body workout building strength, promoting independence, and invigorating users, such as those with disabilities, in rehabilitation or desiring health and wellness to get the most out of life. Safe, smooth, quiet and easy to use, NuStep TRS 4000 fresh design and small footprint make it ideal for home or professional use.

  • Total body movement with user-controlled step length and low impact loading
  • Smooth and natural movement stepping action simulates walking motion
  • Ergonomic design for comfort to minimize joint stress and back pain
  • Display console that is easy to read and use, helping users see results and track progress
  • Media shelf to place your phone, tablet, book, or other entertainment device
  • Sturdy grab ring for support and safety
  • Comfortable 360° swivel seat with arm supports and for ease of ingress / egress
  • Easy arm adjustments with a clamshell release
  • Supportive and stable foot pedals
  • Fits users from 4’6” 6’4” (137 cm to 193 cm), up to 400 lbs (182 kg).
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