Gelocast Unna Boot
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Gelocast Unna Boot

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Gelocast Unna Boot

The Gelocast Unna Boot is a medicated bandage that provides gradient compression therapy for controlling venous ulcers, venous insufficiencies, and other minor orthopedic problems. The bandage is permeated with zinc oxide and calamine to comfort the skin. Unna’s Boot is commonly used for active patients who are not confined to a wheelchair or bed.

Gelocast Unna Boot comes in the form of a non-raveling gauze that will mold evenly to the applied limb. Once applied, the bandage forms a semi-rigid cast that provides high working pressure and a lower resting pressure. This is ideal for patients who actively walk around and would like to preform normal daily activities. The 100% cotton base reduces wastage and the calamine prevents skin irritation.

Depending on the amount of drainage from the ulcer, Gelocast Unna Boot is usually kept in place for 3-7 days. A self-adherent wrap can also be wrapped around Unna’s Boot for extra support.

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