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Exercise bars are essential for rehabilitation purposes as well as building muscle.

We offer a full line of exercise bars as well as cardio kits for all of your needs. Our Bodyblade CXT Kit features a 40” long 1.25 lb bar and a workout DVD. The Bodyblade system provides tri-plane core based training at any skill level. The Exerband Fitness bar is a lightweight, portable exercise bar that attaches to any brand or resistance tubing. The Cando Wate Exercise Bars range in weight from 1-25 lbs and can be used in sitting, supine or standing positions to increase range of motion as well as strength. Our Cando Rollup Exercise bars are great for both upper and lower body workouts and rotating the bar can increase the resistance. Other Bodyblade kits are offered for a variety of skill levels. The Bodyblade Classic Kit gives users a 48” long bar while the Bodyblade Lite kit gives users a 32” long bar. The bar included in the Bodyblade Pro kit is 60” in length. The Cando Mini Wate Exercise Bar is a portable solution that comes 14” in length. For more information about all of your exercise bars, click on individual product descriptions.

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  • Cando Wate Exercise Bar, Tan 1 lb

    Cando Wate Exercise Bars

    Cando Wate Exercise Bar, Tan 1 lb The Cando Wate Exercise Bar is a very easy way for a person to get a great workout without having to have a lot of equipment lying around. The Cando Wate Exercise ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $23.95
  • Bodyblade Classic Kit

    Bodyblade Classic Kit

    48" long 1.5 lbs Includes Instructional Workout DVD, Target Training Express DVD and Exercise Wall Chart. The Bodyblade system of training provides a functional tri-plane core based training ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $97.95
  • Bodyblade CXT Kit

    Bodyblade CXT Kit

    Bodyblade CXT Kit The Bodyblade CXT Kit targets particular muscle groups in the body by using various body positions or changing the direction of the flexing blade. Instead of targeting isolated single ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $57.95
  • Bodyblade Pro Kit

    Bodyblade Pro Kit

    Bodyblade Pro Kit The Bodyblade Pro Kit includes a bar that weighs 2.5 pounds and that is 60 inches long. It also includes a Pro/Classic instructional DVD and wall chart for exercises. The Bodyblade ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $157.95
  • Cando Mini Wate Exercise Bars, 1 lb

    Cando Mini Wate Exercise Bars

    Just like the larger Cando Wate exercise bars, these Cando Mini Wate Exercise Bars, 1 lb are sleek, comfortable, and versatile. The easy-to-grip hand weights can be used to increase strength, range ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $23.95
  • Cando Rollup Exercise Bar, Unweighted

    Cando Rollup Exercise Bars

    * Use for upper and lower body exercises. * Resistance can be increased by rotating the bar to shorten the length of the exercise band or tubing. * Unweighted bar... MORE INFO
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    as low as $34.95
  • Exerband Fitness Bar

    Exerband Fitness Bar

    *Lightweight, portable and attaches to any brand or resistance tubing/bands. * 023665... MORE INFO
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    Price: $27.95
  • Floor Weight BarRac

    Floor Weight BarRac

    15-7/8" W x 13" H x 12" D The Stationary Weight Bar Rack features an easy to clean all laminate construction, ideal for physical therapy offices and rehab facilities everywhere. The Weight Bar ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $185.00
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