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Diathermy is a natural sciences term which means “electrically induced heat.” This is a form of physical or occupational therapy and is also sometimes used in surgical procedures. Diathermy machines are commonly used for therapeutic muscle relaxation and can be used to heat muscle tissue through electromagnetic or ultrasonic means. Applications for diathermy machines may increase patients’ blood flow; their rate of metabolism; increase ion diffusion across cellular membranes; provide pain relief, decrease muscle spasms and increase muscle-skeletal flexibility by stretching the fibrous tissues in tendons and in joint capsules and scars. Diathermy applications relative to the vascular system will speed coagulation; prevent excessive bleeding and seal off traumatized areas of injured tissues. Diathermy machines applications address Diathermy’s three forms: shortwave, ultrasound and microwave.

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  • Mettler AutoTherm 390 Diathermy Machine

    Mettler AutoTherm 390 Diathermy Machine

    The Mettler AutoTherm 390 produces shortwaves that provide comforting heat to the deep muscle tissues of the body. Shortwave diathermy is often used when a patient needs heat to penetrate a larger ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $5,595.00
  • Mettler AutoTherm 391 Diathermy Machine

    Mettler AutoTherm 391 Diathermy Machine

    Diathermy Machines With the Mettler AutoTherm 391 Diathermy Machine include, you can choose between deep-penetrating inductive coil diathermy and shallower, capacitive diathermy with soft rubber applicators. ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $8,895.00
  • Mettler AutoTherm 395 Diathermy Machine

    Mettler AutoTherm 395 Diathermy Machine

    Diathermy Machines The Mettler AutoTherm 395 Diathermy Machine is one of the most versatile pieces of electrotherapy equipment on the market. It offers the option of pulse or continuous shortwave ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $13,995.00
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Electro-Medical has diathermy machines for sale for all aspects of patient treatment. Our Mettler AutoTherm 390 Diathermy machine comes with pulsed and continuous shortwave diathermy and only weight 15 lbs., for ease of transport. Effective but lightweight the Mettler AutoTherm is considered an essential piece of equipment for medical clinics and offices. The Mettler AutoTherm 391 is an upgrade from the 390 and combines the ME 390's features an inductive oil applicator, an arm and a heavy-duty cart that has ample storage space. This model features two application modes including the deep penetration of inductive oil diathermy and the shallow capacitive style used with the rubber plates.

Mettler Auto Therm 395 Shortwave Diathermy Machines feature pulsed in continuous shortwave diathermy as well as advanced automatic tuning with eight different treatment applicators. This model has three inductive coil applicators, two soft flexible plate electrodes and three space condenser sets. It is our highest performance unit featuring multi-jointed arms that lock in place for safety and ease of use. Its two treatment arms, cables, 114 cm. diameter inductive coil applicator and 13 cm. diameter denser applicators make it a valuable piece of equipment, indeed. See our full product line for more information and pricing details.

Electro-Medical strives to meet your every medical equipment need personally with our WhiteGlove service. Our professionals will set up any large, complex equipment at your clinic or office. We will gladly offer our expert advice to help determine your equipment needs and then match you with the best options for your patients and practice. Electro-Medical staffers are knowledgeable regarding the latest medical equipment trends. We attend local, national and international tradeshows. We survey our clients for their valuable feedback to support our supply chain and product development. Whether you’re searching for established products or brand new ones, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. If you can’t find the diathermy machines you need, we’ll either locate them or create them.

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