IontoPatch SP Transdermal Drug Delivery System
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IontoPatch SP Transdermal Drug Delivery System

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This time-released drug delivery devise is a non-invasive substitute for the traditional injection method of treatment. Marketed by Travanti Pharma Inc., the IontoPatch Sp Transdermal Drug Delivery System is also easy to use.

Prep the area to be treated by cleaning and then wetting a spot on the area that matches the size of the pad. After applying the medication to the negative side of the pad and an equal amount of saline to the positive side, apply it to the target site. The time-release system will shut off automatically when the proper amount of medication has been administered to the patient. The pad is then removed and discarded.


  • Single-use disposable
  • No charging station required
  • Eligible for billing under the existing iontophoretic code
  • Self-contained
  • Ultra-thin battery
  • Wireless allowing patient complete mobility while being treated


  • Active Area: 8.0 cm2
  • Dosage: 40 mA-min
  • Operating Current: 0.06 mA
  • Fill Volume: 1.2 - 1.6 cc
  • Recommended Wear Time: 24 hours
  • Skin Interface: Synthetic, non-woven absorbent, flexible, breathable material with hypoallergenic adhesive conforms to body areas and will not burn or irritate skin
  • Conductive Element: Screen-printed electrode

All options of IontoPatch Wireless Iontophoresis System

Item# Model Type Avg Wear Time Price  
026501 IontoPatch 80 80 mA-min Dosage 14 hours $39.00 ADD
026502 IontoPatch SP 40 mA-min Dosage 14 hours $39.00 ADD
026503 IontoPatch STAT 80 mA-min Dosage 4 hours $48.00 ADD
090359 IontoPatch Extra-Strength 120 mA-min Dosage 8 hours $58.00 ADD
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